Hostel Facilities are available from Grade IV onwards, under Annual Term Boarding for for Boys and Girls with dedicated care takers, thus providing much needed parental care. Students follow a set routine with sports in the morning and evening. After-School hours are used for learning and to clear doubts with the help of teachers who are available on campus. With the comprehensive structure of pastoral support, it is ensured that each student is given individual attention to ensure that they are happy and fulfilled. Facilities that are provided to our Resident Students (Boarders) are:

  • Supervised and secured access to Phone and internet facility.
  • CCTV monitored residential blocks g Nutritious and well balanced diet.
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions.
  • Additional Sports and Hobby Classes.
  • Academic Support.
  • Safe, secured and hygienic environment.
  • Dedicated team for housekeeping and laundry

“The Hostel students will be provided with additional sessions & classes on personality development and Life Skills Education in order to develop their overall personality.”


Growing kids need nutritious food and The Royal Ecole shares this concern with parents. The Day- Boarders and Hostel Students are served wellbalanced, nutritious food in the dining hall. The menu is planned by expert dieticians and includes an incredible variety. It is ensured that only premium quality purified water, ingredients, bakery products, milk, fruits and vegetables are used at all times.


Infrastructure and Facilities





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